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A Place To Smile, Make Friends & Come Together

A Place To Smile, Make Friends & Come Together

About Us

Here at Kids Learning Club it’s all about expression, your expression. A chance for you to relax and be yourself. We want you to have fun, make new friends and most importantly to Smile.

We know that being part of the performing arts can bring out the very best in you, helping you to find a talent you didn’t know existed and find a place where you don’t have to worry about anything.

This is your chance to shine in a safe environment. Come along and sing your heart out.

What will make you Smile today?

We want to create the largest children’s singalong in 2021. Do you want to be part of it?

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Kids Learning Club Aim’s

We know that children can be reached through drama and music, it’s often an escape that allows them to forget difficulties or troubles they’re having. It can be a way to open a door for even the most troubled child.

Our aim is to give them that door to open.

We want to offer a place a child can come to, where they can learn new skills, make friends but most importantly, find their smile.

What We Want To Achieve


To offer performing arts clubs throughout the UK. Offering free classes and a place to be with friends regardless of religion, class or creed.

Bringing children together from primary schools and secondary schools so that children can also learn from each other and gain peer mentors. An opportunity to share life skills and learn from each other. 



Through the performing arts and singing we hope to bring a smile, to make new friends with children from all walks of life,

We’re also here to help in their development, we educate on many things including morals, manners, life skills and of course in learning these things we hope to improve their confidence and empathy, helping them to realise their potential.

Sing Along

Creating a one off event in Essex in 2021 – bringing together thousands of children singing the same songs. A true clebration of the performing arts and a chance to see just how big a change this can have on children.

More details to follow.


This will be free for children to participate in.

No costly costumes, shoes or uniforms.

The only thing we ask children bring is their smile.

Get In Touch

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Address: 16b Jermyn St, London SW1Y 6ST

Phone: 07939 442447

Office:   0207 287 7066


Our Team

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